Pastor Patrick is Truly Blessed and I am giving him a dedicated page for his study of the Sun and the Moon and the stars!

I have watched many of his videos, and find him absolutely ON FIRE for the Lord.  He has endured many obstacles in his life including losing his beloved wife at a young age and his dog "moses".  He has endured through everything and is a "REAL GIVER" to the community.  His video where he first found the child in the womb (below), put me on fire!

I love this man!

(his first video where he found child in Rev 12)

Go to Patricks Youtube Channel 

PATRICK's Other great videos !!

Patricks latest video - child comes out friday 13th-14th Damascus Prophecy, NASA fires 3 missiles

Patrick's 811 Comet Wormwood

 Asteroid Man child

Patrick giving backpacks with food and money to the homeless

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