One of the main reasons I wanted to create a website, is because I wanted there to be a Christian resource available that caters to "watchmen" in case  social media platforms censor christianity in the future.  Google and Youtube are working with the United Nations to "suppress" information that fails their "fact checking" criteria.

If you Download this website, you will get ALL the content of this website except for videos.  Because of size constraints, i ask that you ONLY download below videos from column3 if the link in column2 does not work. 

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Lion of Judah - It has begun (Bible Prophecy comes true)








Jewish Man turns to Jesus   jewishman.mkv
Free Bible (e-sword)

Sept 29 signs in the heavens

Patrick Sept 29


Sign of the beast?


Hourly Watch Patrick child in womb


  Excerpts from Google News Initiative and United nations.

For this reason, I  Highly recommend you Download this website today. (this download has the entire website content with exception of some videos that can be downloaded separately above.

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