Repentance-   Repentance is SO MUCH MORE than just being remorse for our sins.  God grants us the gift of repentance (acts 11:18) , which is a DECISION you make, between you and GOD, for you to have a change of heart and mind that you may have "life".  He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.2 Peter 3:9  Repentance here is strongs G3441 which is to change direction different than G3440 which is to repent of your sin.  It means to change your direction from "ways of the world" to the "direction of God".

  • We are to change our direction from "your way to Yahweh" Psalms 37:5 LSB
  • We are to change our direction from darkness to light John 3
  • We are to change our direction from desires of flesh (worldly desires) to desires of the spirit. Romans 8
  1. When you repent, he sends you his Holy Spirit to Guide us in the direction of God. (acts 2:38)
  2. The purpose is that we overcome the world.  God tells us in 1John5 that anyone that TRULY believes overcomes the world.
  3. THe purpose of wrath, diiscipline, chastening, tribulation, is to teach us to overcome and become one in spirit.
  4. This is what we are to pursue.  There should be a continual transformation and growth.  If there is no transformation, you believe in vain.
  5. We are told to grow in spirit...if we don't continue to grow, we are "dead in spirit.
  6. God tells us that he chastens those he loves, and that if we are not chastened we are illegitimate children.
  7. Repentance and confession brings us closer to God and brings us peace and joy.  Ask him daily, more of you, less of me.Ask him to FILL you with his spirit.


When you repent, God gives you his Holy Spirit (acts 2:38) and he will comfort you, guide you, discipline you, and TRANSFORM you.  To put off your old self of corruption and put on new self of righteousness (eph 4:20-24). If you have true repentance, your name will be written into the "Book of Life", never to be blotted out, and you have been paid for with a price (the blood of Jesus) and you are not your own, but you BELONG TO THE LORD, and his spirit will live inside of you (1 cor 6:19-20). There is NO SALVATION without True Repentance (Luke 13:3).  Repentance and confession brings us closer to God and brings us Joy!  REMEMBER- There will be more rejoicing in heaven over 1 sinner who repents than over 99 righteous persons who do not need to repent.(Luke 15:7)

When we were born again, as part of our salvation, we made the decision to change our direction from ways of the world to ways of the spirit.  We should PURSUE to become "one with the spirit" in all things that we may wear fine white linen.  We should pray on all things.  Everything we do should be to the Glory of God.  Everything we do, we do the the Glory of God or the GLory of Satan.

We should examine ourselves, It is human nature to sin (unforgiving, selfishness, greed, gossiping, anger, unloving, coarse joking, deceitful, immoral, bitterness, drunkeness, impure thoughts,  pride, stealing, idolatry,  etc…), but when we sin, the Holy Spirit will discipline us and we are to "spit out" that sin.  If we fail, we are to confess our sin (1john1:9).  It is to be a “growing process” where the Holy Spirit will convict us of our sins and transform us.  We should be continually listening to the spirit to ensure our direction is to God.  It is an issue of our pursuance to be "one with the spirit" to overcome our weaknesses (Eph 4:20-32,Hebrews 12:4-8).

God says he disciplines everyone he loves, and those he does not discipline, are illegitmate children.  God tells us that the Holy Spirit himself testifies to our spirit if we are his children. We should experience the battle between flesh and spirit when we sin, and pursue the spirit to have victory over the flesh.

On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you (John 14:20)

MIKES NOTE to be studied::::  Since Repentance in 2Peter3:9 is to change direction, we should only have to do this one time, that is to change our "direction to God" as guided in obedience by the Holy spirit. If we never understood that part of our agreement with God for our salvation was to "commit" to the "direction to God", we have a decision to make.  If we understood our commitment, and we examine ourself, we are to honor our commitment. If we quit listening to the spirit, and turned our direction away from God, we should ask that GOd give us his gift of repentance that we may accept into him (acts 3:19)

There is a difference between taking a wrong turn, and then getting back on the right road, than to make a uturn, or to continue down the wrong road....we are taught to examine ourself to make sure we are on the right path....meditate on being in one spirit and one with God, in total communion with him, that we may pray on all things and do all things to the Glory of God.

No one should rest easy if they are either ignoring or don’t experience his chastening…and this is from my own experience. be continued, time permitting....still learning,

THe only thing I have 100% confidence is in my belief in is the trinity (Father, Son, and the Holy spirit), and his word and his blood in atonement of our sins!!

Jesus is Lord, Yeshua Hamashiach



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