I share the belief among many, that the “end time is drawing near”.  I had been living in fear, anxiety and hatred of world corruption for quite awhile, and I had a lot of anger inside of me.  I hated this world and I didn’t want to be a part of it anymore, even more so with America.  I believe God has blessed America because we accepted him, but now we have shamed him, and I believe America will soon suffer.  I was awakened out of my slumber and back into the word of God.  Initially, I believed I was awakened out of my slumber to share scripture with others on how to endure the upcoming tribulation as i see it fast approaching.  After my initial efforts, I soon realized that my research was likely more for myself than for others.  After I recommitted to my vows of repentance, I was filled with the Holy Spirit, and I got myself back in order and right with God.  When I first started on this journey, I wasn't sure about the rapture, but after extensive studying, especially in undertsanding the "Marriage of the Lamb", it is now evident, that only a pre-tribulation Rapture is feasible, and i can clearly see the time is upon us!!  Now, I understand my calling is to share the TRUE meaning of repentance and God's plan in "The Marriage of the Lamb" as it relates to the upcoming rapture.

 Friends - DO NOT OVERLOOK The significance of  “THE MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB" as it relates to the upcoming Rapture!

I am sounding the ALARM for believers to recommit to the true meaning of repentance and for non-believers to seek your creator so that you are fully prepared for the "marriage of the lamb" (between Christ and Church), else you must endure the 7 year tribulation and your faith will be tested  (Matt 25:1-13, lsiah 57:1Rev 3:10, romans 8:8-14).  It is abundantly clear that only those that have the spirit LIVING in them will rapture.  You receieve the Holy Spirit when you repent.  It is important that we understand the true meaning of repentance.   And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of his Spirit who lives in you (Romans 8:11).

God's Plan - God's plan can be summed up as the "Marriage of the Lamb", which is the marriage between Christ and Church (Jews and Gentiles with Christ the head).  The crucifixion is important, but that was to prepare his bride.  The entire Bible from beginning to end points to the wedding... and the wedding is explained beautifully in this video.   See also,"Marriage of the Lamb"  that explains the plan in even more detail.  Click here for the 7000 year plan in it's entirety.

Repentance and confession bring us CLOSER to God, and bring us peace and JOY, plus if you believe and are prepared and committed to your vows of repentance, you will not need to endure the tribulation.

I will not state anything that is not “scriptural” so that if you have any difficulty in anything I share, I encourage you to do your own due diligence in studying and coming to your own interpretation of God’s word.  Scriptural references are given.

I know there are many that do not believe in the Bible or in Jesus, more on this later.  For now, I will just say, that I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to experience the upcoming events of the tribulation without belief in our savior.

Allow me to define a couple of terms:

Repent –  The act of repentence is MUCH more than just being remorse.  Repentance is a DECISION you make, between you and GOD, for you to have a change of heart and mind.  This means to turn from having your mind set on "worldly" desires to having your mind set on what the Spirit desires (Romans 8:1-14).  If you accept Jesus Christ as your savior and repent, God promises you his comforter (Holy Spirit) and he will guide you, discipline you, and transform you.  To put off your old self of corruption and put on new self of righteousness (eph 4:20-24). Without true repentance, you do not live in Faith, you believed in vain (1 co 15:1-2 ), and you do not have salvation (Luke 13:3).  If you have true repentance, your name will be written into the "Book of Life", never to be blotted out, and you have been paid for with a price (the blood of Jesus) and you are not your own, but you BELONG TO THE LORD, and his spirit will live inside of you (1 cor 6:19-20).  Repentance and confession brings us closer to God and brings us Joy!  There is NO SALVATION without True Repentance (Luke 13:3). There will be more rejoicing in heaven over 1 sinner who repents than over 99 righteous persons who do not need to repent.(Luke 15:7)

Holy Spirit – The spirit of God, that is with us today.  Jesus promised us that after he was crucified that he would send us his comforter to guide us until his return (John 14:25-26), and all you need to do is ask.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened, and the father will give you the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit is our method of communicating with God.  (Luke 11:9-13John 14:15-17Acts 2:38 Acts 5:32)

Righteous – If you believe Jesus shed his blood for our sins, when you repent, you will recieve the Holy Spirit and you are made righteous (Acts 2:38-39, Luke 11:1-13).  But when you sin again, you "greive" the Holy Spirit and are made unrighteous.  Sin leads to death, and obedience leads to righteousness (Romans 6 Romans 8:8-14).  As often as you confess your sins, you will be forgiven and all unrighteousness will be removed.  (1 John 1:9).  Do not go to bed with sin on your heart, that the devil will get a foothold. (Psalm 4:4, Eph 4:26-27).  God tells us to “examine” ourselves.  It is human nature to sin (unforgiving, selfishness, greed, gossiping, anger, unloving, coarse joking, deceitful, immoral, bitterness, drunkeness, impure thoughts,  pride, stealing, idolatry,  etc…), but when we sin, the Holy Spirit will discipline us and we are to "spit out" and confess our sin.  It is to be a “growing process” where the Holy Spirit will convict us of our sins and transform us (Hebrews 12:4-8 , Eph 4:20-24).  If you ignore the Holy Spirit,  you have not truly repented, you are being disobedient, you grieve your spirit, and you are not transformed (1 John3:6-10), and no such person has any inheritance in the kingdom of God .  Righteousness is the most important part of  Christian living, and also the most difficult part.  We are told if we Love Jesus we will obey him (John 14:15-17, John 14:23-24).  Do you believe, or do you believe in vain (1 co 15:1-2)  To summarize - BELIEVE, REPENT, OBEY, and CONFESS YOUR SINS to prepare yourself righteous, that you will be fully prepared with enough oil in (Matt 25:1-13).  Luke 13:3 makes it abundantly clear, that unless you repent you will perish!  He repeats the same verse in Luke 13:5, and we know that when something is repeated in scripture it needs to be EMPHASIZED!

Rapture – an event when Christians that "walk in faith" living on earth, along with those in Christ that have died, will rise to meet the Lord in the clouds, to join in the "Marriage of the Lamb" (Matt 25:1-13,  Isiah 26:7 lsiah 57:1Rev 3:10, Matthew 7:21, Romans 8:8-14, 1 TH 1:9-10).  Isiah 57:1 says the righteous will rapture.  Matthew 25 1-13 makes it clear that Only those filled with the holy spirit "alive" and dwelling within you can be taken up.  The parable ends inferring to watch and be prepared by trimming our wicks and having enough oil.  Trimming your wick provides a cleaner, brighter, and longer lasting flame.  Romans 8 also makes it clear that if we truly repented, that we live in the spirit, not in the flesh, and only those living in the spirit that raised Jesus will rapture.   Finally (Rev 3:10) suggests if you endure patiently, you will escape his "hour" of  wrath he pours out on the entire world.  Just because there is a promise of salvation for all those "born again", there is no promise of pre-trib rapture unless you are prepared.  Do not be one of the 5 foolish virgins.  Recommit your vows of repentance and confess your sins (1 John 1:9). You know you have the Holy spirit if you witness his chastening....God tells us that he chastens those he loves, and that if yu don't experience his chastening, that you are an illegitimate child.

The words “caught up” highlighted below is translated from the word harpazo (rapture). Most bible believing theologians know of the “harpazo”, but there is some disagreement if the harpazo occurs before or after the 7 year tribulation.  Even Catholics believe in a “post tribulation” rapture, they just don’t call it a rapture. According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be “caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. 18 Therefore encourage one another with these words. 1 TH 4:15

Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed (1 CO 15:51).  Do the work of an evangelist for your departure is near. All who long for his appearing and kept the faith living in repentance, will recieve the crown of righteousness. 2Timothy 4:5-8  The restrainer (Holy Spirit) will be removed so the anti-christ may be revealed (2Th:1-8).

All of above can be summed up as - No repentance, no salvation (luke 13:3).  Repentance is MUCH MORE Than just being remorse.  It means to change from worldly desires to desires of the Holy spirit which is the will of God.  You must be transformed from the old self to the new self.  If there is no transformation, then you believed in vain, and you have no inheritance in Gods Kingdom (luke 13:3, 2pet3:9).  Of course, you will have slip-ups and sin, but The solution is simple!  Make up your mind to try and to live by spirit, and when you are about to sin, you will recognize the spirit's chastening, and you are to spit it out.  If we do not experience chastening when we sin, God tells us we are in illegitmate child.  If you fail his chastening when we sin (be thankful for chastening), simply confess your sins to be made righteous (1 john 1:9).  Do not go to bed with unconfessed sin.  Try harder next time, and continue to confess and acknowledge your vows of repentance.  Repentance and confession bring you closer to God, and you will have JOY!


The tribulation is a 7 year period of GREAT DISTRESS... which is very near.  Matthew 24:21 “For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.”

Theologians agree there is a rapture, but they do not all agree on when the rapture will take place (before, during, or after the tribulation).  Since the timing of the rapture is controversial, I saw no reason to dedicate any time to it since your walk should be the same regardless (to come to repentance and accept the Holy spirit to comfort us and guide us in God’s will).  But as I see “end time prophecies” becoming more and more evident every day, and realizing things are only going to continue to get much worse (horrifying in fact), I started studying more intensely regarding the rapture.  After a good deal of studying, I now STRONGLY lean towards a "pre-tribulation rapture", where “righteous Christians” will be caught up in the clouds with Jesus, that we will not have to endure the tribulation (Rev 3:10 , Matt 25:1-13).  The foundation belief for the pre-tribulation rapture belief for many is that the Holy Spirit in the Church will be taken out of the way so that the anti-christ  may be revealed (2 TH2:7 ).  But EVEN MORE convincing is that a pre-tribulation rapture is the only thing that makes sense in the study of the "marriage of the lamb".  This video was the clincher where i now have STRONG belief in a pre-trib rapture and I highly recommmend you watch it.

All "True Believers" do have salvation, but we must be raised in righteousness that we may wear "fine linen, white and pure" for the marriage of the lamb.  You must repent which is to change your mind and heart from a life of worldly desires to a life of the desires of the Spirit (Luke 13:3).  Although Christians understand that if you truly believe, you have eternal salvation and will eventually be raised up, it is my belief (based on scripture) that unless you are prepared (as in Matt 25:1-13) you will likely be raised up during tribulation as a tribulation saint, not as bride of the church.  You will need to suffer tribulation if you are not filled with the Holy Spirit.  If you read Matthew 25:1-13, it is clear that only 5 of the 10 virgins are found wise and enter the Kingdom (that they are found worthy of wearing fine white linen).  The only difference between the 5 wise virgins and the 5 foolish virgins is that 5 did not have enough oil (all were virgins, all had lamps, all had oil, but the wise had sufficient oil...where I believe "enough oil is symbolic of "fullness" of the holy spirit, not of a grieved spirit of one in unconfessed sin.  This is also why there are 40 days to make yourself ready before the Feast of trumpets).  

The bottom line is that we are commanded to Repent, obey, confess our sins (1 john 1:9), pray on all things, stay in his word, watch, prepare, and endure patiently.  So regardless of the timing of the tribulation, and whether we can know the appointed time or not, the commands are the same.  No one can enter the Kingdom of God unless they are living in a state of repentance (Romans 8, Luke 13:3).  Personally, i feel very strong that the rapture can be this year, although there is one individual (RockIslandBooks ) that has done a very deep study who's research is quite compelling, and he believes the tribulation won't begin until Fall 2024.  The vast majority of "watchman" seem to believe as I do, that the rapture will take plae this year. 

 STEPS TO SALVATION – …don't put off for another minute!

The steps to escape/endure the tribulation are the same steps to be saved today.  The only difference being, that once the tribulation comes, you will be living under the power of the anti-christ as he will no longer be restrained, and you will need to endure the 7 year tribulation and your faith will be vigorously tested.  It will be much easier to be born into righteousness now, so you will not even need to experience the tribulation.  Repent and prepare yourself, the time is at hand!

Steps to salvation can’t be said any better than Jesus himself said it in “The Lord’s Prayer” when his disciples asked him, how should we pray? (Luke 11)

1. Acknowledge him (our father who art in heaven) Do not purposely or willfully overlook your creator.

2. Praise him (hallowed be thy name) We praise him so that we experience love and harmony with him and his church. (note: this may or may not be scriptural, but a vision I had when I was searching truth).  It is similar to why we "love our mom or our Dad, or even enjoy a painting.  It "completes" the joy.  We praise him to enhance our joy with each other.  I had a real tough one, and not sure i would have understood it, if i didn't have a vision.  If you know of any verses that share my thoughts or other insight, please share.  I just know for myself that I understand it more than i can put in writing.

3. Repent  (thy will be done)...God's will is that none should perish but that all come to repentance ( 2 peter 3:9 ).  He promises us that if we believe in him and repent, that he will send us his holy spirit to comfort us and guide us in all things  (Luke 11:1-13). In every circumstance, it is God’s will that we should pray on all things and rejoice always (1TH 5:16-18). If the holy spirit is not quenched, you will find joy in everything, even in trials and lessons learned.  

4. Daily Bread (give us this day our daily bread) The whole time growing up, I used to think we prayed "the Lord's prayer" before dinner to thank God for our food (daily bread) which we are about to eat.  While studying scripture in my navy days, I discovered the daily bread is referring to the Holy Spirit. Jesus declares he is the Bread of Life (John 6:35).  If you read  (Luke 11:1-13) where the "Our Father" prayer is, you will see clearly in context that the “daily bread” is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy spirit is the Daily bread that we are to commune with DAILY in All Things. He will Live within us, guide us, comfort us, discipline us, and transform us.

5. Examine yourself (thy will be done)f you are uncertain if you are full of the Holy Spirit and the spirit is not quenched, examine yourself.  If you have the Holy spirit, he will discipline you, convict you of your sin, and grow and transform you.  Signs of a Godly person (ask yourself):  Patient, forgiving, honest, humility, unselfish, sharing, giving, frugal, peaceful, loving, comforting, non-gossiping, build others up, not wasteful. Repent/Recommit as necessary. (John 14:23-27) teaches us that if you truly believe, that you will love him and obey him, but if you don't love him you will not obey him. Those who obey he promises peace and comfort.   (2CO 13:5, EPH 4:25-32)

6. Overcome (lead us not into temptation), the importance of the DAILY bread (Holy spirit) is that if we stay in his word daily, that his spirit will chasten us when we sin as we grow to overcome so that we may have joy. (john 15:11)  (Luke 11)

7. Deliverance (thy kingdom come, deliver us from evil) we will escape his wrath.  The New Heaven and New Earth will be perfect, and there will no longer be any more pain, crying, or death (Revelation 21).

Summary  - to keep things simple, all you need to do is BELIEVE (John 3:16) and REPENT (Luke 13:3).  if you truly believe and you truly repent, you will recieve the holy spirit who will guide you, comfort you, discipline you, and transform you, as long as you are willing, and the rest of the steps above will be automatic.  The important part is that you repent as described above and confess when you sin. (1 John 1:9).


Lastly, I know some do not yet believe in Jesus or in the Bible. Jesus tells us that His word has been poured out over all mankind and those that do not believe purposely and willingly overlook truth for their lust of the world.  It is better that you look to God now than later.  Jesus proclaimed “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man goes to the Father, except through the son. (John 14:6).   So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 10 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened. how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” (Luke 11)

Regardless of when the rapture is, it is my prayer that you repent and be “born again”, and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit, that he will comfort and guide you.  Examine yourself, and you will know you are saved, because the Holy spirit will discipline you and convict you of your sin.  That is what I was missing, and now that I have the chastening back, I am once again beginning to experience his calmness and joy, and no longer fear the corrupt ways of the world, because I know God is in control, and I have his holy spirit.  I just pray that I endure and not fall back to the ways of the world, that I may escape the tribulation with joy in knowing that God is in control, and that his spirit resides within me….


If you miss the rapture, first thing you do, is fall down to your knees, Repent, and ask Jesus into your heart.  HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST.

If you do have to endure the tribulation, MANY will fall prey to the deception of the “anti-christ”.   When the anti-christ does come, he will have super-human power and a lot of control over the earth and creatures of the earth, and he will show “miraculous” signs, and he will deceive many.  If you are ever told “look, here is the Christ” or if you have any doubt, know HE IS THE ANTI-CHRIST (Mark 13:21-23), for when the true Christ comes, he will come like lightning visible by all and announced only by trumpets.  There will not be ANY doubt, as he will come in his FULL GLORY.  Also he won’t come back to earth until after all nations trample Israel, and he will DEFEAT Israel’s transgressors and setup a new kingdom.  Unless the anti-christ has already been revealed, and until you see Israel accept Jesus as their messiah, the second coming has not yet occurred, and you are being deceived. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES (even to death) DO NOT TAKE THE SIGN OF THE BEAST...many will lose their heads so that they may have salvation.  REPENT NOW , and join in the Marriage of the Lamb....time is running out!! 


I am still a work in progress.  Everyone falls short of God’s glory, but by his grace, we are saved, all that repent, and allow the holy spirit to dwell within us, to comfort us, guide us, and chasten us when we need discipline to transform us into a new person, so that we may look up, and be a part of his new kingdom.  The most important part of this message is to REPENT and confess daily.  As often as we confess, he removes all unrighteousness.  Confession brings us CLOSER to GOd, and brings us JOY!


  • We hear him through his word, and faith comes from hearing the word (Rom 10:17). 
  • All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness (2 TIM 3:16)
  • Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. (Matt 24:35).