Truths - scriptual based

TRUTH #1. Who has salvation? - everyone knows salvation is a gift of Faith, not of works.  But how do you know if you have "True Faith"?  Anyone can say they believe or can even think they believe, but do not "truly believe", that they believe in vain?

  • Even Satan believes and he has strong faith, but he does not have salvation!
  • Hebrews 3:7-12 warns about losing your faith.
  • John 10:27-28 says that those that know him follow him, so if you believe you will follow him.
  • Matt 13:18-23 says those that recieve the good news, that the good news must "take root", or satan may snatch it.
  • Scripture tells us that our spirit gives testimony if we are true children of God.  (romans 8)
  • Scripture tells us that those with the spirit are disciplined, and that if we don't have chastening, we are an illegtimate child. (heb 12:8)
  • Scripture tells us to examine ourselves to see if we have true faith (2 Co13).

The short answer to who has salvation is those that "truly believe" and those that have "true repentance".  If you truly believe, you commit to your vow of repentance.  This is to put off your old self and put on your new self.  This is to change from your worldly desires to desires of the spirt.  Of course, you will still sin, but there will be a "change of heart and of mind".  If there is no change, you believed in vain, or your faith never took root.  This is your wake up call to recommit to your vow of "true repentance".

TRUTH #2 Pre-tribulation Rapture -  anyone who doesn't believe in the pre-tribulation rapture simply hasn't studied the "MARRIAGE OF THE LAMB" (marriage between Christ and CHurch) as it relates to the ancient Jewish Wedding tradition.  I suggest you watch this video, and it should convince you.  God's rapture plan is that of the Traditions of the Ancient Jewish Wedding.  Immediately after the Groom comes for his bride, they enter the bridal chamber for 7 days to consummate the marriage (7 years).  If you still do not believe in the pre-tribulation rapture email me and i will give you additional proof.

TRUTH #3 Who will rapture  -  Scripture is clear in Matt 25:1-13, that not all will participate in the marriage ceremony (only those with enough oil).  All 10 were virgins (Church), all 10 had lamps, All 10 had oil in their lamps, but only 5 had enough oil.  The parable ends with a warning of readiness.  The reader of Matt 25:1-13 must interpret what it means  to "be prepared with enough oil".  Isiah 57 says only the righteous will escape the wrath.  Rev 3:10 says only those that endure will escape the wrath.  Revelation 21 says the bride prepared herself.   My interpretation is that I believe that i was awakened out of my own slumber to call my fellow Christians to "true repentance" and confession daily (that you truly believe and are able to wear fine white linen).  You interpret as you will by reading verses above about what it means to be prepared with enough oil, and who escapes the wrath.  For me, it is clear that not all will rapture, and i personally have recommitted my vows of true repentance and confession (1John1:9) daily.  Also read Romans 8.  If all will rapture, why does he warn us to be prepared if all will rapture?  If you want to gamble whether all christians regardless of their spirit's testimony, do not complain you were not warned.  Again, I was awakened out of my slumber to call everyone to repentance.  What do you think Feast of trumpets is all Jewish traditions...The Feast of Trumpets marked the beginning of ten days of consecration and repentance before God.

TRUTH #4 The Bible is the word of God

  • We hear him through his word, and faith comes from hearing the word (Rom 10:17). 
  • All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness (2 TIM 3:16)
  • Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. (Matt 24:35).  


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